Hi, I'm Kevin

I'm a student at Purdue who enjoys working with and learning about software engineering & machine intelligence.


Hello! My name is Kevin, and I am currently a student studying computer science at Purdue University in West Lafayette. I am also a member of the university's John Martinson Honors College: a unique opportunity allowing me to explore computer science through an interdisciplinary scope. I have a strong interest in all that computers can do, with a particular focus on software engineering and machine intelligence. Emerging technologies have always fascinated me, and I'm excited to learn more about all that computers can do.

Moreover, I have a keen interest in full-stack web development, and am familiar with using various technologies including NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, and EJS to create complex modern websites. I have also tinkered with game development and tools like Phaser and Unity. Additionally, I am well-versed in Python, JavaScript, and Java. If interested, you can check out some of my more notable projects below, or take a look at all of my public projects on my GitHub.

Aside from software engineering, I enjoy participating in a variety of cybersecurity competitions, like the Air & Space Forces Association's CyberPatriot Cyber Defense Competition and various capture-the-flag events (such as CyberStart, Carnegie Mellon University's picoCTF, the National Cyber Cup, and many more). In my spare time away from computers, I enjoy playing basketball, investing, spending time with friends, and watching shows, especially science fiction.



StockRadar is a platform that provides real-time monitoring of stock prices and news, as well as the ability to manage a portfolio of stocks. It also uses a custom formula to calculate a GPC (Growth Potential Composite) predicting each stock's future growth potential.


Aftermath was my first long-term project in game development, utilizing the PhaserJS HTML5 framework. It is a top-down pixelated RPG in which the player takes the role of a hero tasked with battling multiple waves of enemy knights with varying attributes and abilities.


GpaCalc is a Python utility that allows students to calculate their GPA (weighted and unweighted) through a colorful and intuitive command-line interface. It offers many features, such as the ability to export a GPA table into an external spreadsheet file.

Valentine's Day CTF

This site hosts the web challenges I developed for my school computer science honor society's capture-the-flag event (promoting cybersecurity awareness). It features 4 challenges of varying difficulties that cover different security themes.

European History Trivia

AP European History Trivia is a web game that quizzes players on a series of questions spanning multiple time periods throughout the history of Europe. It features a smooth and easy-to-use user interface enhanced with supportive animations created using GSAP.


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